Pariisi rahufoorum 11.-14. novembril 2018 [fr] [ru]

The first Paris Peace Forum will be held from 11 to 13 November 2018.
In response to the rising tensions in today’s world, the Forum is designed to be the annual meeting for projects, ideas and initiatives which effectively contribute to better international cooperation on the key global issues, fairer and more equitable globalization and a more effective multilateral system. Many Heads of State and Government, representatives from the major international organizations and stakeholders from civil society are expected to be among the several thousands of participants. Some 119 projects will be presented at the event.

Paris Peace Forum – Objectives

The Paris Peace Forum is part of the drive by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, to reaffirm the importance of multilateralism and collective action in responding to current global challenges.
The aim is to strive towards peace through better global governance and promote means of reducing international tensions including cooperation between States to confront cross-boundary challenges, collective management of global common goods and better regulation of the internet and communication.

A platform for discussion and debate

Inspired by the COP21 model, the Paris Peace Forum will be a place for sharing experiences and innovative solutions bringing together all governance stakeholders including Heads of State and Government, local and national elected representatives, regional and international organizations and civil society in the wider sense (businesses, associations, NGOs, foundations, think tanks, media outlets, religious representatives, unions, etc.).
The aim is to drive forward governance projects by showcasing them, using them as a basis for debates in various formats and promoting networking between project developers and relevant decision makers. The Paris Peace Forum will be centred on five themes: peace and security, the environment, development, digital and new technologies and the inclusive economy.
The Paris Peace Forum Selection Committee has received nearly 900 applications from 116 countries. Of these, 119 projects have been selected to be presented as part of the first Forum.
Find out which projects were chosen:

Further information about the Paris Peace Forum

The forum will be held at the Grande Halle de la Vilette over three days from 11 to 13 November 2018.
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Grande halle de La Villette

The Paris Peace Forum is an association under the French law of 1901. It brings together the National Foundation for Political Sciences (Sciences Po), the Körber Foundation, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the French Institute for International Relations, the Institut Montaigne and the French Republic, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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