Речь посла Франции на церемонии в честь национального праздника 14 июля [et] [fr]

We meet again this afternoon for the traditional celebration of the French national day this Friday, July the14th. It is an opportunity for me to take stock of the past year.
Just a year ago, our country was hit in Nice by a terribly murderous attack that also directly affected Estonia, where 4 of the victims were born. If our territory has since been relatively spared, terror has struck repeatedly in Europe. The fight against terrorism is more than ever a priority for France and its European Union partners.
Since July 14 of last year, many things have changed in Tallinn as in Paris but also in the world. Of course, for me the first change is simply the fact that I am here in front of you today flesh and blood, and not on a TV screen like last year. I wanted to reiterate to you this evening how much I appreciate representing France here in Estonia and how pleased I am to have met a very large majority of the French community. I am glad that we have now a monthly opportunity to meet together informally at our “French Afterwork” parties. I am passionate about your individual, rich and diverse journeys.
You did not make an easy choice because Estonia is not necessarily very culturally close to France. Everyone knows the big challenge of the language, and the length of its winters. But you can enjoy the quality of life and the e-government services now also famous in France.
The French Embassy is helping you to give your children an education in French, if you want to, at the European School of Tallinn and through the courses provided by the Association “Les Petits Francophones”. Regarding the representation of France in Estonia, I would like to pay tribute to our sponsors who have allowed us to welcome you today.
They represent the brand "France" in Estonia whether it is through French companies or Estonian companies marketing French products, I thank them for their support and wish them much success. I am also happy about the launch of the French Chamber of Commerce in Estonia.
Since my arrival, a little less than a year ago, there have been significant political changes in Estonia, pages have turned, a new coalition government with a composition unprecedented at least for many years. I have seen how the campaign for the presidential election in France was followed with interest in Estonia, and also with anxiety.
On May 7th, the French people, including those who reside in Estonia with an overwhelming majority, elected Emmanuel Macron as President of the Republic. Emmanuel Macron promotes a very pro-European line. Many of our partners, and especially Estonia, have interpreted this election as a signal : the commitment of France to Europe, and a chance for Europe to move on.
To paraphrase Paul Valery, I would say that the Brexit vote made us realize that our Union was "mortal". It is not dramatic in itself.
The French government sees it as an injunction :
- not to blame anymore Europe for our own turpitudes,
- but to build a clear, efficient Europe that is not the slave of its procedures.
On his first trip abroad to Estonia, the country now assuming the Presidency of the Council for the first time since joining the European Union thirteen years ago, the French Prime Minister confirmed the priority given to the "Deepening of the European project”. Edouard Philippe told his interlocutors that France knew that it could count on Estonia, one of the countries with the most people attached to Europe, to advance the projects needed to restore confidence in Europe.
Since the return of the Prime Minister of his trip to Estonia, the theme of e-administration is more than ever at the forefront of current affairs in France. As the Prime Minister said here, he came to learn from what has been done in Estonia and it is up to us who represent France in this country, to work and to roll out these commitments and sharing of experiences.
France and Estonia can and should work together. Our geographical and economic conditions are different. Our histories did not make us experience the same challenges, but we share the most important things : common values ​​and sometimes even a common memory.
Estonia knows what solidarity means and expressed it forcefully by responding to French call for help after the attacks of November 2015. Its soldiers joined our troops in some countries far away from here and became brothers in arms in the Central African Republic and in Mali. Today here in Estonia, in peacetime, they train together since France has decided to send 300 men to join the British battalion in the framework of the advanced deployment of NATO.
I was in Tapa this morning with our soldiers to celebrate the National Day. I know this 4-month experience has been exciting and rewarding. I am not going to repeat one after the other the events that have highlighted our bilateral relations with Estonia over the past year. I just wanted to emphasize that we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations at the Quai d’Orsay last autumn. And we celebrate this year the 25th anniversary of the creation of the "French Institute of Estonia", then called the "French Cultural Center".
The relationship between France and Estonia is now more dense than ever. The Estonian Presidency of the European Union provides a unique opportunity to strengthen our ties by allowing members of the new French government to come to Tallinn and meet their counterparts.
The President of the Republic himself accepted the invitation of the Estonian Prime Minister and will travel to Tallinn on 29 September for the European Digital Summit.
The French government has launched initiatives to revive the mobilization of the international community to implement the Paris Agreements and to integrate climate issues into all European public policies.
Earlier today the European environment ministers were in Tallinn and worked on this subject.
I want to thank the Estonian Ministry of Environment for having thought that July the14th was a propitious date for this. So I am convinced that France and Estonia will further strengthen their ties in the coming months and years...
...and I am raising my glass to your health !
Long live Estonia,
Long live Europe,
Long live France!

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