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With international tensions on the rise, it is becoming increasingly urgent to find solutions to global issues. Given this challenge, France is holding the first Paris Peace Forum from 11 to 13 November 2018. This forum aims to bring together global governance stakeholders with a view to bolstering multilateralism and collective action.

The Paris Peace Forum will unite political players, citizens and the stakeholders involved in developing and implementing responses to global challenges (including armed conflicts, global warming and Internet destabilization). Members of civil society, directors of regional and international organizations, and heads of State and Government will be given the opportunity to interact freely to identify tomorrow’s solutions.

The Paris Peace Forum differs from traditional summits, trade fairs and international conferences, in both form and substance. It places special emphasis on innovative solutions that respond to today’s governance challenges, by organizing sequences around these issues.

The Forum focuses on five themes: peace and security, the environment, development, the inclusive economy and new technologies. The challenges we are facing cross sector-specific boundaries, and the Paris Peace Forum takes this into account.

One hundred years after the First World War, the Paris Peace Forum is a reminder that we need to act now by taking tangible steps, supporting free expression and encouraging open dialogue between all stakeholders.

Making project initiators central to the forum

Following a call for projects which resulted in almost 900 proposals being submitted this summer, 120 projects were selected to be present in Paris between 11 and 13 November 2018. As is often the case at trade fairs and conferences, the selected governance solutions will be presented to the public. However, in addition, the initiators of these projects will be called on to play a central role at the forum, which is designed to be a global village for action. The project initiators constitute a community of stakeholders committed to developing and applying real solutions.

The forum is intended to be a long-term event. The idea is not to simply highlight initiatives, however important they may be, but also to strengthen them and provide support for their growth and implementation. An expert monitoring committee will accompany 10 of the 120 projects present in Paris between 11 and 13 November for one year.

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The Paris Peace Forum in figures

848 global governance projects submitted
120 governance solutions from 42 countries selected
350 project initiators, 200 speakers and thousands of guests
More than 80 debates and 130 project pitches

A 3-day hackathon involving 80 participants to mobilize collective intelligence in the fields of social sciences, IT, data and the economy with a view to developing responses to the issues of global governance and financial data transparency
105 countries invited, 60 of which have confirmed their attendance – 30 international organizations represented

The Paris Peace Forum on social media
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The Paris Peace Forum is an association under the French law of 1901. It brings together the National Foundation for Political Sciences (Sciences Po), the Körber Foundation, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the French Institute for International Relations, the Institut Montaigne and the French Republic, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Justin Vaïsse, Director of the Analysis, Planning and Strategy Centre of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, will chair the forum.

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