20’25 Youth Challenge : konkurss – kandideerige Expofrance 2025 esindajaks [fr] [ru]

Prantsusmaa on ametlik kandidaat Maailmanäituse Expo 2025 korraldajamaaks, mille teemaks on « Jagagem teadmisi, kaitskem koduplaneeti ». Suurüritusele oodatakse kuue kuu vältel enam kui 40 miljonit külastajat ning sellest saab erinevate kultuuride, teadmiste ja uuenduslike mõtete kohtumispaik.


The 20’25 Youth Challenge is a contest aimed at youths aged 20 to 25. Youths from around the world are asked to share their attachment to France on social networks, and to muster the most support, in order to be among the 100 youth picked as ambassadors in their country of France’s candidacy for the ExpoFrance 2025.

The 100 Youth Ambassadors from around the world will be invited to spend an exceptional week in Paris in October, 2017, to discover the city and participate in the great Youth Congress for the Universal Exposition. At the end of that week, they will return with an engagement letter, which they’ll have written in a workshop, and a letter of petition to be signed by their country’s authorities, asking for their support. They will be in charge of promoting the French candidacy, especially among the youth, until the International Bureau of the Expositions meets to vote in November of 2018.

How can you participate?

Starting on April 4th, 2017, sign up on the platform www.2025youthchallenge.com. There, post a photo or a 30-second video to express your attachment to France and to its candidacy for the Universal Exposition, and then share your contribution on social networks.
The 400 youths who obtain the highest number of votes on the platform will be pre-selected and can participate in the second round of the contest.
Don’t delay! By signing up on April 4th, you’ll get bonus votes, and increase your chances of winning!

avaldatud 30/03/2017